Social Media Savagery: An Instagram Best Practice Guide

Founded in 2018, Savage is a lingerie line started by Rihanna in collaboration with TechStyle Fashion Group. Savage X Fenty celebrates fearlessness, confidence, and inclusivity. Rihanna said “Savage X means making your own rules and expressing your mood, character, and style for you — not for someone else”

Brand Voice: Savage X’s voice is always fun, flirty, and full of confidence. At Savage, we are always channeling our inner Bad Bit*h when we speak. A Bad Bit*h is any person who is confident, independent, and strives for themselves. We are respectful of ourselves and others at all times. Most importantly we are always uplifting others!

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Visuals: We are always posting images from our most current collection. Most of our visuals come from our ambassadors.

The image to the left captures our Instagram feed during the Holiday season. Because our mission is to celebrate diversity we always make sure to post images that showcase all body types and ethnicities.

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Captions: We keep captions short and sweet, no more than one sentence. Every caption must contain at least one emoji and one hashtag

All you’s and your’s are abbreviated to u and ur, respectively.

Any words that being with “ex” are changed to “x” as an homage to the brand name

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Responding to customers: If customers have questions about their orders you can respond by directing them to member services, calling us, chatting live on the website under the Help page, or to DM us their order numbers.

Customers often inquire about what pieces ambassadors are wearing in the images we post. Be sure to identify both the top and bottoms, as sets come in multiple styles and are sold as individual pieces on the website.

We also get lots of comments from customers who just genuinely just love us and the brand. Here response structure is a bit looser as it should feel conversational and in response to whatever the user said. Just ensure that the response matches the brand voice.

Savage X is built around the philosophy of making people look good and feel good. We are always focused on making something new and fresh that everyone can relate to and feel confident in. Rihanna wants to make sure everyone feels sexy and has fun doing it. When all else fails, before responding just think — what would Rihanna do?