Bretman Rock: The King of Reinventing Yourself

Shané Dukes
3 min readFeb 21, 2022


Everybody aspires to build a brand, a loyal following, and grow their share of voice in the age of social media. Yet there are some Influencers who do not seem to have a special “secret recipe”. Just by being themselves, they attract a lot of attention. Their fans are loyal and truly want to see them succeed. Among the influencers who have achieved great success and still have room for development is Bretman Rock.

Who is Bretman Rock?

Courtesy of Popbuzz

Bretman Rock is one of the biggest stars of the internet. Rising to fame as a teenager, the vlogger is famous for his beauty videos. Bretman has been actively vlogging and sharing his life on YouTube for the past 5 years. Beauty and makeup tips were his go-to genre from the start, but he occasionally mix in muckbangs and cooking videos to allow his followers to get to know him and his family in a more intimate way. Bretman currently has 18.1 Million followers on Instagram, 13.9 Million followers on Tik Tok, and 8.9 Million YouTube subscribers. On average Bretman receives at least 2 million views on both his YouTube and Tik Tok videos.

Bretman’s Voice

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With a sly wit and a knack for clever comebacks, punchlines, and catchphrases, Bretman’s voice can be described as witty and sassy. He’s a natural entertainer and his comedic timing is impeccable. Bretman’s humor ranges from him twirling on a stripper pole and having it fall over to turning boring ordinary moments into belly-aching can’t breathe tear-filled laughter.

How Bretman Engages

Courtesy of YouTube

Brettman engages with his fans directly from his page. You can find him replying to his fans and followers on YouTube and Instagram. During this time of the pandemic, he has also begun to use TikTok as a new channel to reach fans. The addition of Tik Tok to Breatman’s media mix has allowed his following to reach ever greater heights. He is also a master of reinventing himself. Bretman doesn’t let his niche limit him, and over the years he’s evolved from a comedian to a makeup artist to a lifestyle vlogger.

Bretman’s success is due to his ability to reinvent himself so often. His personality keeps his audience engaged specifically because you never know what kind of content to expect from him. His Instagram Story features science experiment videos and ratings of different cereal flavors every day. Bretman understands that he is his brand, not what he does, but who he is. His loyal following is proof of that.